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Thursday, January 17, 2008

"Here Be Yaks: Travels in Far West Tibet."
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2008 18:48:01 -0500
Subject: Another Online Tibet Resource
From: Kelly Monaghan
To: "Dr. Ciolek"

Tashi dalek!

I thought you might like to know about the series of photographs of
Tibet that we have posted to promote the U.S. edition of Manosi
Lahiri's book, "Here Be Yaks: Travels in Far West Tibet."

You will find them here:

For more information about Ms. Lahiri's books, please visit:


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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

List of books on Tibet/Tibetan language
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2008 17:43:59 +0000
From: "Thornton's Bookshop"
Subject: List of books on Tibet/Tibetan language

The following collection of 9 titles is priced at GBP 183

If ordered as a lot we grant a 50 % discount

Forwarding will be extra

[092355HK] Beyer, Stephan,. The Classical Tibetan Language. ( S U N Y
Series in Buddhist Studies) Among Asian languages, Tibetan is second
only to Chinese in the depth of its historical record, with texts dating
back as far as the eighth and ninth centuries, written in an alphabetic
script that preserves the contemporaneous phonological features of the
language. The Classical Tibetan Language is the first comprehensive
description of the Tibetan language and is distinctive in that it treats
the classical Tibetan language on its own terms rather than by means of
descriptive categories appropriate to other languages, as has
traditionally been the case. Beyer presents the language as a medium of
literary expression with great range, power, subtlety, and humor, not as
an abstract object. He also deals comprehensively with a wide variety of
linguistic phenomena as they are actually encountered in the classical
texts, with numerous examples of idioms, common locutions, translation
devices, neologisms, and dialectal variations. "Beyer's work is the
first grammar of classical literary Tibetan that adopts a genuinely
fresh approach to the language, abandoning the tired (and often
inaccurate) conventions of Indo-European grammar that dominate the
available textbooks. Though some of his conclusions and assertions may
be controversial, Beyer forces us to think about the distinctive
features of Tibetan in a challenging and animated fashion. His many
examples, drawn from all branches of the literature, are superb. "The
fields of Buddhist Studies, Asian History, and Comparative Literature
have all suffered as a result of the limited access to Tibetan primary
sources. Beyer's book will significantly contribute to rectifying this
state of affairs." -Matthew Kapstein, Columbia University. Albany: SUNY
Press, 1992, xxiv,503pp., Hardback The spine of this volume is slightly
worn at top and bottom , the text is fine. £65.00

[092627HK] Das, Sarat Chandra,. An Introduction to the Grammar of the
Tibetan Language.: With the texts of Situ Sum-Tag, Dag-je sal-wai melong
and Situi Shal Lung.. Book I: Introduction to the grammar of the Tibetan
language. xxvii,62pp., followed by Specimens of Tibetan composition
which is illustrated a.o. by a Tibetan marriage deed, a road bill
etc...50pp., followed by a photograph of Sramana Ekai Kawaguchi. And his
account of the pilgrimage to the great sanctuaries of Tibet vipp., Book
II contains: Situ Panchem: The text of Situ sum-Tag, (pages 1-88) being
A commentary on Sum-Chu-pa, Tag-jug-pa and Dag-je-Salwai Melong of
Thonmi SamBhota with an Index of grammatical terms by Shramana Ekai
Kawaguchi. Book III: On spelling Dag-je Sal-wai Melong. The pages of
book II and II are numbered in Tibetan script. Delhi, Motilal Banarsidas
reprint 1996, good hardback in d/j which is torn at the top. £9.50

SANSKRIT SYNONYMS. Revised & Edited under the orders of the Bengal
government by Graham Sandberg & A. William Heyde . Reprint Edition.
Motilal Banarsidas, 1902/1976, 1353pp. heavy hardback, no d/j . The
Tibetan words are given in alphabetical order, with their accepted
Sanskrit equivalents, followed by the English meaning; all the technical
terms are illustrated from extracts from Sanskrit-Buddhist and Tibetan
works. The author has included modern Tibetan words which were not given
by Koros and Jaschke. With alphabetical plan of the Tibetan language.
hardback in protecting cellophane jacket, £15.00

[092632HK] Goldstein, Melvyn C. (Editor). Tibetan-English Dictionary of
Modern Tibetan. ( Bibliotheca Himalayica series II, volume 7 )
Kathmandu, Nepal, Ratna Pustak Bhandar, 1994, 1234pp., 4th edition.
approx. 40,000 entries. untitled hardback in sl. frayed d/j binding a
bit warped and wrinkled, sl. staining on inside of boards. £35.00

C.A. Bell: Grammar of colloquial Tibetan. 3rd edition. Curzon Press,
1996, [16]184[6]pp., reprint of the 1919 edition, good paperback, covers
sl. creased. £9.00

Hannah: A Grammar of the Tibetan Language : Literary and Colloquial .
With Copious Illustrations and Treating Fully of Spelling, Pronunciation
and the Construction of the Verb and Including Appendices of the Various
Forms of the Verb. Delhi, Motilal Banarsidas, reprint 1912/1996, xviii,
399pp., good hardback in d/j; £12.50

Anil gupta: Conversational English-Tibetan dictionary. Delhi, Sri
Satguru publications, 1992, 131pp., good paperback. £5.50

[092412HK-B] Goldstein, Melvyn C. With Gelek Rimpoche and Lobsang
Phuntshog. Essentials of Modern Literary Tibetan: a Reading Course and
Reference Grammar. Half of the words are read by implications. " This
Tibetan saying explains the main difficulty Westerners face in learning
to read Tibetan fluently. Unlike previously available materials, this
book will allow beginners to understand the logic of Tibetan grammar and
syntax through graded reading and narrative explanations. The large
glossary, which includes particles and is indexed by page, will serve as
an invaluable reference for readers of Tibetan at all levels. The
reading course includes the Tibetan alphabet and its pronunciation, as
well as a wide range of modern literary styles from literature, history,
current affairs, newspapers, and even communist political essays.
University of California Press, 1991, xx,493pp., sm4to., glossy hardback
as issued . prelims sl. spotted, o/w/ fine copy [ WB ] £22.50

English-Tibetan Dictionary of Modern Tibetan.. Reprint of the 1984 Univ.
of California edition. . Dharamsala, Library of Tibetan Works &
Archives, 1986. 4to. xxvi,485 pp.hardback in d/j. Binding & edges sl.
bumped, d/j v.g. 16,000 main entries, treats 45,000 lexical items. Each
entry includes both the written Tibetan orthography and a phonemic
notation to indicate pronunciation £9.50

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