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Friday, January 08, 2010

Latse Contemporary Tibetan Cultural Library, US

08 Jan 2010

Latse Contemporary Tibetan Cultural Library, New York, NY, US.

"Latse Contemporary Tibetan Cultural Library, a project of Trace Foundation [], is a forum of open inquiry for all audiences interested in Tibetan culture. The library conducts programs and makes available a unique collection of up-to-date texts, multimedia and other research materials in relevant languages that represent the extent and character of Tibetan cultural diversity. It is an active center of modern Tibetan cultural studies and provides a forum for meaningful interaction, learning and the exchange of ideas. We assist those with interests in the humanities, arts, and sciences in order to promote a deeper understanding and wider appreciation of Tibetan culture and its contribution to the world's cultural heritage."

Site contents:
* About Latse (Mission Statement, Overview and Description, Collections, Programs, Why Latse, Services, Staff, How to Find Latse, Library Hours);
* Brochure English version, Tibetan version);
* Newsletter (Vol 1, No. 1, Fall 2003 - Vol 5, No. 1, Fall 2007);
* Databases (Byara Database, Library Catalog, Image library, Gyalrong Texts Project);
* Conferences (Gedun Choephel);
* Lecture Series (Professor Drongbu Tsering Dorje, Sherab Nyima - Vice President, Central Nationalities University, Beijing, Sang Dhak - Chinese Center for Tibetan Studies, Beijing);
* Events (Losar 2008 - Celebration, Losar 2004 - Stand up comedy, Selected works of Dorje Basang, Losar 2005 - A concert by the masters, Tibetan Yak Cheese Week, Innovations in Tibetan Information Technology);
* Film Series [under construction].


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