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Monday, August 28, 2006

Tibetan Weddings in Ne'u na Village, a 2006 book
From: Kevin Stuart

I am pleased to announce a new publication which has availability as a hard copy printed work or as a download.

_Tibetan Weddings in Ne'u na Village_ by Tshe dbang rdo rje, Alexandru Anton-Luca and Kevin Stuart
(Xining City: Plateaupubs, 2006)
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Focusing on a single Tibetan village in east-central Qinghai Province,
China, the book has three distinct sections: a brief socio-historical
introduction to Ne'u na Village, a detailed, sequenced description of a
generalized Ne'u na wedding accompanied by related songs and speeches,
and three interlinked case studies breathing life into and bringing
specificity to the description. In this context, the authors provide a
detailed introduction of the village and describe pre-engagement
activity, engagement, the wedding day, after the wedding day and three
voices (individual experiences with weddings). This is a pioneering study
in its presentation of wedding speeches and songs as sung in
International Phonetic Alphabet, an oral form of Tibetan, literary
Tibetan and English translation--the overall result achieves a suppleness
of expression able to maintain the narrative's lucid, unassuming tone
while busily sifting through rich bundles of concepts by properly probing
phenomenological weight.

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