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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Project Orazio [about Fr. Orazio della Penna (1680-1745), Capuchin missionary in Tibet]
26 Jan 2009

Fra Orazio Della Penna Association, Italy.

"'Father Francesco Orazio remained in the monastery of Sera for nine months, from April 1717 to January 1718. However, for a period of four years he continued to learn the common and literary language under the tuition of a qualified Lama. It was at the monastery of Sera that Father Orazio started the writing out of a Tibetan-Italian dictionary, done directly on the Tibetan texts and therefore referred to the literary language. In 1732 the dictionary was consisting of about 33000 words.'
Source: The story of Father Orazio della Penna Short notes about the life of Father Orazio Olivieri della Penna (1680-1745), Capuchin Missionary and Prefect of the Tibetan Mission. (by Elio Marini) "

Site contents:
* Work in Progress and Documents (# The [old Christian] Bell of [Jokhang temple,] Lhasa; # The first dictionary from Tibetan into an Occidental language; # A copper engraving [dedicated to friar Orazio of Pennabilli by Pietro Santi (1737-1812) of Rimini] dated 1780 (?); # [Plans and details of the] Capuchin friary opened in Lhasa in 1725; # A letter written by Pho-lha-nas to friar Orazio during his journey in Nepal, dated 1st of September 1732; # A letter written by the VII Dalai Lama to friar Orazio; # A letter by Pho-lha-nas to friar Orazio; # A letter by friar Orazio to his brother Pierleone dated 4th of October 1741)
* Tibet in the [Orazio della Penna's] town of Pennabilli (Tenzin Gyatso, XIV Dalai Lama - 15th of June 1994, Fosco Maraini - 5th of May 2000, Jetsun Pema - 24th of September 2004).
* Stories (My research about the Capuchins of the Marche Region who went to Tibet during the 18th Century - by E. Marini; From the Montefeltro county to Tibet following the toll of a bell - by E. Marini, June 1994).
* Links.

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