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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bhutan Textiles

12 Aug 2009

Bhutan Sacred Buddhist Art - The Bartholomew Collection,, Laos.

"For 25 years the largest Private Buddhist Art Heritage Collection from Bhutan has been stored away and never seen by anyone! This Collection consists primarily of antique Buddhist textiles and some sacred religious artifacts from Bhutan. Recently this unique collection was endangered in California by major fires and earthquakes... What a tragic loss to the Buddhist world and to Buddhist Art Cultural Heritage IF this sacred Collection, which has never been seen and fully documented in its entirety, were to perish. The next vital step is to seek funding for the Collection's rescue!

The collector Mr. Bartholomew is a world renowned cultural anthropologist and published author of the first definitive book on Bhutan Textile Art and Culture 'Thunder Dragon Textiles from Bhutan,' Shikosha (Publisher), Kyoto, Japan, 1985. Mr. Bartholomew has collected nearly all of his pieces between 1976-1982. This is a period of time when Mr. Bartholomew alone was negotiating primarily through barter exclusively with the Bhutanese Royal Families, high-ranking members of the Royal Government of Bhutan, and top religious leaders/Rimpoches of Buddhism in Bhutan. Most of this Collection was acquired outside of Bhutan in India and Nepal. - mb."

"Tragically, a series of National Archive fires and a major earthquake in the late 19th century all but destroyed Bhutan's written history. Despite the loss of such significant records, the unique and magnificent textile art of Druk Yul [i.e. Bhutan - ed.] has survived as an important cultural legacy. Compared to other textile producing cultures, however, few of these historical artifacts remain; a 19th century textile in relatively undamaged condition is now considered extremely rare."

Site contents:
* Kingdom of Bhutan [introductory notes to the website];
* Bartholomew Collection ("Presently, the Bartholomew Collection encompasses an unparalleled collection including the most historically significant Bhutanese textiles known: # The oldest known 'Triple Jewels' in the world, which comprise the Tikhep, or royal throne cover; the Shingkha, or appliquee shaman's tunic, and the Kishung, the brocaded shaman's tunic. # The widest array of the best-preserved Royal Throne Covers in the world # The Throne Cover of the first King of the Wangchuck Dynasty. # An original silk Dragon Crown of the 2nd King of the Wangchuck Dynasty. # Ceremonial shaman tunics formerly worn by some of the most revered holy people of Himalayan Buddhism. # Rare ceremonial dress pieces worn by nobles and royalty."
* GreenHeart Art to Heart Project (GreenHeart 'Art to Heart' Overview, 'Art to Heart' Benefactor Sought for World Cultural Heritage and Humanitarian Opportunity - Mission Statement, Provenance of The Bartholomew Collections, Facts, plus colour, small size images of: Tikhep (2 x) [two royal throne covers], Shingkha [an appliquee shaman's tunic], Kishung [a brocaded shaman's tunic], Kira [the national dress for women in Bhutan], Chaksi Pankhep [a royal hand towel or lap cover], and Charkhab [a cloak]);
* Bhutan Textile Art Museum Proposal; * Contact.


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