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Friday, November 07, 2008

The Tibet Album: British Photography in Central Tibet 1920-1950

07 Nov 2008

Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford, UK.

"The Tibet Album presents more than 6000 photographs spanning 30 years of Tibet's history. These extraordinary photographs are a unique record of people long gone and places changed beyond all recognition. They also document the ways that British visitors encountered Tibet and Tibetans. Featuring photographs taken by Charles Bell, Arthur Hopkinson, Evan Nepean, Hugh Richardson, Frederick Spencer Chapman, Harry Staunton and the previously unidentified photographs of Rabden Lepcha. Our specially designed functions (maps, zoom, album) enable you to browse this site in many different ways."

Site contents:
* Photographers and Photography;
* Collections: # Pitt Rivers Museum Collections - (The Charles Bell Collection, The Spencer Chapman Collection, The Harry Staunton Collection, The Hugh Richardson Collection, The Evan Nepean Collection), # British Museum Collections - (The Hopkinson Collection, Richardson Colour Transparencies) # Albums - (by Richardson, Staunton, Nepean), # Lantern Slide Lectures - (by Bell), # Expeditions - (A. J. Hopkinson's Tour of Duty as British Trade Agent, Gyantse 1927-28, A. J. Hopkinson's Tour of Duty as Indian Political Officer 1947-48, Richardson's 1948 tour of the East Kyichu Valley, Richardson's 1949 tour of the Yarlung and Chyongye valleys, Richardson's 1950 Lhodrag tour, Richardson's visit to Talung 1939);
* Places (Maps of Tibet, Index of Tibetan Places [by region, alphabetically], Maps of Tibet photographed by Bell);
* Dates;
* People (Biographies of key Tibetans Biographies of British photographers, Who Was Who in Tibet?, Individuals in these photographs);
* Search;
* Maps (interactive maps of: Central Tibet, Lhasa);
* Diaries and Documents (1936 Lhasa Mission Diary, The personal accounts of: Bell, Chapman, Richardson);
* Find People (British photographers, Portraits of named Tibetan people, Biographies and photographs).


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