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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"Life and Marriage in Skya rgya, a Tibetan Village," 2008.

Volume one of a new series of six volumes of Tibetan ethnography is just published.

"Life and Marriage in Skya rgya, a Tibetan Village" [2008, by Blo brtan rdo rje with Charles Kevin Stuart, New York: YBK Publishers, Inc.] is ethnographic research presented in autobiographical format by Blo brtan rdo rje. His candid rendering of the details of his family life and his experiences conducting field research is a compulsively readable account of life in a rural Tibetan culture that is vanishing. This snapshot of the last days of Tibetan village life before its integration into a commercial economy and the national educational system are invaluable.

The careful attention to the entire social course of courtship and marriage, and the recording of attending songs and speeches, makes this book of enduring value for students of Tibetan culture, ethnomusicology, and kinship.

By offering the unfiltered and largely uninterpreted voices of four village residents speaking on the deeply entangled and embodied meanings of marriage, this book also presents a polyphonic view on the reproduction of social life.

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