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Friday, March 21, 2008

Protests or related events in Tibet during March 2008 [Online Database]
21 Mar 2007

TibetInfoNet, Germany

"Currently known protests or related events in Tibet during March 2008. (Work in progress - this table is regularly updated). Incidents in red are those TibetInfoNet could confirm through its own research and analysis. [...] TibetInfoNet is an independent information service that provides news and analysis of the current political, economic, social, environmental and human rights situation in Tibet."

Supplied note:
"TibetInfoNet launches online database about current events in Tibet. The unprecedented flood of information coming out of Tibet about the current events makes it difficult to follow precisely what is happening and thus build an informed opinion. Reporting on the basis of snippets of information is also difficult and not always meaningful. In order to communicate as much of the available information to interested subscribers, TibetInfoNet has made available parts of its research database online. You can find it on our website under [the URL listed below] The information provided here is constantly updated as new research details emerge. [Coverage on 25 Mar 2008: 09 Mar 2008 - 22 Mar 2008 - ed.] [...] You are welcome to send our team your suggestions on the database, or information which you may not find therein. Please contact us under"

Site contents:
* Chronological list of incidents (location [township, county], date, details of the incident, source of the information); * Sort by (location, date); * Select Province (All provinces, Gansu Province, Outside Tibetan Regions, Qinghai Province, Sichuan Province, Tibet Autonomous Region, Yunnan Province); RSS Newsfeed


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