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Thursday, November 09, 2006 - Online Bookshop
08 Nov 2006, Berlin, Germany

Supplied note:
", based in Berlin, Germany, is a venture trying to open the Tibetan language book market to an interested audience worldwide. We offer both contemporary books and recent (re)prints of traditional dpe cha at reasonable prices and shippment worldwide. To give you an idea of the range of texts we offer find a list of currently available blockprints attached to this mail [these materials are *not* reproduced in this AS WWW Monitor abstract - ed.] You are most welcome to visit us at [the URL below] or contact us at regards, Xaver Erhard and David Holler."

Self description:
"In 2005 we founded as we realized the growing demand for someone able to provide the community of tibetologists, librarians, Tibetans and Buddhists outside China with books written in Tibetan language. With Tse Lhamo we found a reliable partner in Lhasa. Our interest is mainly in keeping track of new publications, such as books, magazines and journals as well as the bulk of scattered independent publications. will provide lists informing about recent publications as well as sell these publications. Additionally, can assist you in any Tibetan or Tibetan Studies related issue, such as researching, transscribing of interviews or computerising texts, organising travel and the like.
David Holler obtained his M.A from Central Asian Seminar of Humboldt University of Berlin where he studied anthropology and tibetology. Franz Xaver Erhard studied Philosophy, German Literature, and Tibetology in Dresden, Berlin and Lhasa. He got his M.A. from Free University Berlin in 2001."

Site contents:
NEWS; SERVICES; CATALOGUE ["The following lists represent all titles we were able to provide to our customers in recent years. These more than 1400 titles include besides regular publications a great variety of privately published and circulated books as well as some hard-to-find-publications. Most of these we are still able to provide. We arranged the books into 11 rough categories (just follow the links): * Medicine, * Gesar Epos , * Language and Linguistics (including books on grammar, language, dictionaries), * Buddhism and Bon, * Culture and Society (containing books on law, politics, folklore, education), * Literature and Art, * History (and historiographic resources), * Pictorials (these include picture albums on sites and landscapes as well as books on art), * Collections (gsung 'bum but also edited books on certain topics by various authors). However, some titles will appear in two or more categories, e.g. the hor chos 'byung would appear both in Buddhism and Bon as well as in History. Additionally we compiled a list of some important Series and are currently working on a list of *Journals.]; CD, VCD & DVD; ABOUT; CONTACT; DOWNLOADS [ list 2006.10 dpe cha (pdf), list 2006.07 (pdf), list 2006.03 (pdf), list of Tibetan journals (pdf), list of Bon-related publications (pdf).

[A bi-lingual (DE, EN) web site - ed.]


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