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Friday, April 21, 2006

The Scottish Centre for Himalayan Research (SCHR)
21 Apr 2004

Scottish Centre for Himalayan Research, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK

"The Scottish Centre for Himalayan Research unites staff from across Scotland in a collaborative and interdisciplinary area studies centre at the University of Aberdeen. We offer two taught postgraduate programmes, an MRes in Himalayan Studies and an MSc in Himalayan Ethnobotany. PhD research is possible in a wide range of fields and along the entire length of the Himalayas. Researchers draw on expertise and resources from all the Scottish universities."

[SCHR's areas of expertise: anthropology, Buddhism, botany, conflict, development, ethnobiology, global warming, Hinduism, history, Islam, law, Nepali, Newari, politics, public health, Sanskrit, Tibetan, terrorism. Research projects underway in 2006 include: Tibetan divination, Tantric medicine, 17th century Scots in the Himalayas, plant collecting expeditions in the Solu Khumbu region, and spirit categories in Afghanistan. - ed.]


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