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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Tibet: Rare and Out of Print Titles, located
Tibet: Rare and Out of Print Titles from "The Global Source Catalog"

Books, and magazines incl.

Life Magazine (original issues)
Miraculous Escape of The Dalai Lama (Cover Story). May 4, 1959.
Tibet takes on Red China: An Incredible Land's Incredible Revolt. April 6, 1959.
The Dalai Lama I Knew (text and photographs by Heinrich Harrer). February 22, 1954.
Step by Step to the Top of Everest with Hillary and Tenzing (Cover Story). July 13, 1953.
Flight of The Dalai Lama (Cover Story). April 23, 1950.

Time Magazine (original issue)
The Escape That Rocked the Reds (Cover Story). April 20, 1959.

National Geographic Magazine (original issues)
Our Man in China (Joseph Rock Story). January 1997.
Himalayan Caravans. December 1993.
Tibet's Remote Chang Tang (by George B. Schaller). August 1993.
Bhutan, Kingdom in the Clouds. May 1991.
The Remote World of Tibet's Nomads (by Melvyn Goldstein). June 1989.
Himalaya. November 1988.
A Journey Through Tibet (by Sorrel Wilby). December 1987.
In Long-Forbidden Tibet. February 1980.
Ladakh, The Last Shangri-la. March 1978.
Pilgrimage to Nepal's Crystal Mountain. April 1977.
Little Tibet in Switzerland. November 1968.
Sherpaland, My Shangri-la. October 1966.
Mustang, Nepal's Lost Kingdom (by Michel Peissel). October 1965.
Sikkim, Tiny Himalayan Kingdom in the Clouds. March 1963.
Beyond Everest by Sir Edmund Hillary). November 1955.
My Life in Forbidden Lhasa (by Heinrich Harrer). July 1955.
Triumph on Everest (by Sir Edmund Hillary). July 1954.
A Journey to "Little Tibet". May 1951.
Across Tibet from India to China (by Ilia Tolstoy). August 1946.
Sungmas, Living Oracles of the Tibetan Church (by Joseph Rock). October 1935.
Kongka Risumgongba (by Joseph Rock). July 1931.
On the World's Highest Plateaus. March 1931.
The Glories of the Minya Konka (by Joseph Rock). October 1930.

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